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Christian Money Growth and Debt Relief

The studies and the information on this site are based totally upon scripture to enable anyone to receive their kingdom living blessings found in Matthew 6:25-34.

Christian Money Growth

Would you like to learn how to get God involved your financial situation now rather than waiting months or even years?  If you’re a Christian, the Christian Money Growth Study is your answer to increasing your money or getting out of debt while you learn how to grow closer to God from the first lesson.  

    The is not a prosperity message but a study that was designed from my family’s financial problems over twenty-five years ago and as a life coach. Now this exciting information is helping Christians all over the world reach their financial goals or get out of credit card debt while they draw closer to God.


This study will give you the teaching, guidance and deliverance you need to not only increase your money, but to become strong in Christ and your Christian walk.  Learn More About The Study or view my Christian Money Growth Study Special Offer.   -Margaret Lukasik

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Unique Benefits Of The Christian Money Growth Study


Our Study Mission

From the very first lesson you’ll take action with God for financial increase and debt relief His way! 


Accelerated Faith

Learn how to plant seeds of accelerated faith to achieve your financial goals and attain Biblical stewardship.  


Practical Guide! 

Learn how to blend God’s financial principles with specific scripture to begin working with God now!  

How To Discover Your Life Purpose

God has a great purpose for your life, but you have to know how to discover what it is…

Money alone isn’t enough.  Combine the Christian Money Growth Study with our life purpose study and you’ll have an explosive scriptural resource for living your most fulfilled life! Discover your greatest money growth potential and at the same time learn how to walk with God step-by-step!  


Let God’s Word come alive in you through our scriptural studies!

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Christian Money Growth and all related studies are the complete work of the site author, Margaret Lukasik.  They cannot be copied by any means without her express written permission.


Site Author Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik
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Money Growth For Children

Learn  The 70-10-10-10 Method For Kids

4-compartment Bank
Don't let your children travel the path of foolish spending or debt. Teach them how to have a successful future for financial growth God's way with the Money Savvy Bank and the 70-10-10-10 method for giving, investing, saving, and spending!