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Hello! My name is Margaret Lukasik and I want to welcome you to my site.  It's one of the leading Christian teaching sites on financial growth.  I developed it from my own financial difficulties years ago when my children were young and our family was facing the loss of our home.

I had just begun to study the Bible and was determined to trust God to help us out of our problems.

I wanted to have the picture perfect family like the one below--happy, stress free and just having a good time without worrying about money. 

Christian Money Growth for stress free living. 

I trusted God to help me, but I didn't know enough about the Bible to know what to do. I went to my pastor and other church leaders but they all said the same thing--that the Bible isn't for us today. I had learned from a self-help book that God is the same yesterday, today and forever so I prayed for guidance and then set out to study the Bible on my own with a few books written by leaders at that time in the areas of faith and prayer.

I did all the practical things I could do to organize my money, and then I turned to the Bible. I created a plan by putting together what I had learned about faith and prayer with God's financial principles, centering upon Matthew 6:25-34. Once I took action we began to feel relief concerning our money, then financial growth. We were able to keep our home and use the equity to pay off our debt. Not long after that, I started a successful writing career that allowed me to work from home and increase our household income substantially.

It was exciting to realize Christian money growth using God's plan for financial increase. I came to realize in my studies that I was experiencing KINGDOM LIVING which belongs to all Christians. However it's up to each of us to follow God's principles in order to receive the blessings we need. I'm happy to say that now, Christians from all over the world are using the Christian Money Growth process to realize financial freedom too.   See below for more information about becoming debt relief and experiencing consistent money growth.

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Get Understanding Of The Bible For Your Finances And You'll Grow Closer To God At The Same Time

Gods Wealth Plan

Would You Like To Learn More About How Christian Money Growth Can Help Your Money Situation?  I've Created A Short Study.

If you'd like to put my CHRISTIAN MONEY GROWTH information to work in your situation, I've included a short study and video that will help you see that you're not alone.  God is going to help you all the way, just as He did for me and many others.  You can begin the process yourself NOW.  Go here

One Woman's Testimony

Here's a Woman who took action with God through God's Wealth Plan and she's now a successful business owner.  Read her story:

It has been an awesome journey! Yes, you are welcome to use my testimony of our Fathers absolute grace and providence!

The franchise owners of the business my partner and I purchased are wonderful children of the Lord as well and they trust the Lord to bring the right people into the business so we can make a difference in the lives of many people! Gods Favor is opening doors for us and we are so blessed!  Read More...


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...From A Christian Business Woman: "I want to thank you for such a lovely and highly informative website, Christian Money Growth. There are so many (including many Christians) that are caught up in cycles of fear these days..." Warmly, Angela Chavez.  Read More...

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