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Welcome to the Christian Money Growth Online Bible studies.  Each will lead you to the truth of God’s Word (the Bible) regarding Christian growth as well as money increase and debt relief.  You will learn how to take your kingdom living blessings in order to be blessed and become a blessing God’s way! 

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The Bible studies and the information on this site are based totally upon scripture to enable anyone to receive their Kingdom living blessings we’re told belong to us in Matthew  6:25-34.  

If you’re a Christian, then you are entitled to these blessings.  As you read throughout this site or if you decide to take the specific Christian money growth studies, you will discover how to receive them through Jesus Christ and draw closer to God at the same time! In the process learn God’s purpose for your life!

The Study

Christian Money Growth for stress free living.Would You Like To Learn More About How Christian Money Growth Can Help Your Money Situation NOW? 

If yes, this study will give you the complete help you need to take your first step with God for success right from the first lesson! You can begin living your most fulfilling life NOW! Take this exciting study now! More

Site Author

Hello! My name is Margaret Lukasik and I’m thankful you’ve visited my site today. It’s one of the leading Christian teaching sites on financial growth that you will find online.

I developed Christian money growth from my own financial difficulties and the many studies I took that helped my husband and I learn how to quickly overcome our money problems and debt through God’s Kingdom Living Blessings.The studies can help you do the same.  Continue

Teen Studies

Teen money growth Bible Study for money wisdom.

This short Christian money growth Bible study will help your teenager  become a good steward with their money. It teaches how to regard money from a Biblical point of view for money wisdom and success. 

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Child Studies

For parents to teach their children about money.


Teach your child about money God’s way to form good money habits in their lives and to help them understand how to give God’s way as well as save, spend and invest.  You will also learn how to make an invaluable tool that will teach your children Kingdom living and how to center upon God now and for the rest of their lives for a successful Christian lifestyle. 

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Christian articles and ideas for beginning a home business.

  • Work From Home Information
    Approach having a home business the right way with God at the center to insure that you apply your kingdom living blessings for success.
  • Home Business Tips and Ideas To Help You Get Started.
    Keep up with what you can easily do to help your business grow and perpetuate. Coming Soon!

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Praising God

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We must learn to praise and give thanks to  God daily in order to draw nearer to Him!

Watch this video created by Emily Dahl that I like to watch for inspriation to praise and thank God.  Go here to watch.

Life Purpose

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God has a great purpose for your life, but you have to know how to discover what it is…

You may not know it, but your greatest money growth potential is in the discovery of your life purpose.  More

Christian Money Growth Daily

No matter what your financial situation there are things you can do to get pro-active with God and take a stand against your problems today.  There is the spiritual side and the practical side which are necessary to consider when you begin working at taking control of your money to develop good money habits for the rest of your life.  This site also offers the practical knowledge you need to help God help you.  There are no get-rich-quick-schemes that work, but if you learn how to trust God with your money according to scripture, He will begin working on your situation as quickly as you begin to work with Him.



Become Pro-Active With God!


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…Here’s a Woman who took action with God through the Christian Money Growth Study and she is now a successful business owner. Read her story: It has been an awesome journey! Yes, you are welcome to use my testimony of our Fathers absolute grace and providence! The franchise owners of the business my partner and I purchased are wonderful children of the Lord as well and they trust the Lord to bring the right people into the business so we can make a difference in the lives of many people! Gods Favor is opening doors for us and we are so blessed!  Read More

…From A Christian
Business Woman: “I want to thank you for
such a lovely and highly informative website, Christian Money Growth.
There are so many (including many Christians) that are caught up in
cycles of fear these days…” Warmly, Angela Chavez.  Read More


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Christian Money Growth and all associated materials and related studies are the complete work of the site’s author, Margaret Lukasik, and cannot be copied by any means without her express written permission.


Site Author Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik

Learn why I created this site or peruse through the studies. They can help you take control of your money God's way!  About me.

Money Growth

Christian Money Growth Special Offer

Learn the steps for increasing the money you have today in order to be a great financial blessing to God, your family, and community while you grow closer to God. You will also learn how to:

  • get out of debt
  • stay out of debt
  • regard money
  • be a good steward
  • prosper God's way and more...

Business God’s Way

Business God's Way

Doing Business God's Way will establish you and your business for success according to scripture. Turn loose God's best in your business, career or ministry and see what God can do! Get two exciting bonuses FREE to help you succeed with God and on the Internet! Learn More..

Successful Prayer

Business God's Way

God's Word working in our lives can and should be normal for every Christian. Is it for you? Today is the day for you to receive God's greatest blessings. They belong to you! Download your copy of "Faith and Prayer Dynamics" to develop great faith for answered Prayer.  More...

For Kids
Learn  The 70-10-10-10 Method For Kids

4-compartment Bank

Don't let your children travel the path of foolish spending or debt. Teach them how to have a successful future for financial growth God's way with the Money Savvy Bank and the 70-10-10-10 method for giving, investing, saving, and spending!  

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