Become Wealthy God's Way 

Do you desire to become wealthy NOW?  If you do, I want to encourage you to begin with God's Wealth Plan. 

If you want to know how to become wealthy, it's important that I get your attention.  I want you to see yourself as wealthy now, not when your debt is gone or when you have more money, but RIGHT NOW! Living wealthy doesn't have to mean having more money than most people, it can mean having a constant flow of money that continues to grow, and is more than what you need.

To create that reality I will demonstrate below an attitude that keeps people in a state of only dreaming about financial wealth, but never having it.  

If you want to change your present financial condition, you need to understand the integrity of God's Word regarding faith and prayer for finances with expedient results.  The information you will learn is invaluable! 

The secret to becoming wealthy God's way is to have a specific attitude about money in order to have power over it.  However, many people begin on the right path to grow their money, but they easily get off course when unexpected financial emergencies arise or when they are tempted to buy an unnecessary item on credit which they can't afford to purchase with cash.

How Can You Make Sure That You Will Not Give Up On Your financial Goal or Goals?

With "right thinking!" 

Here is an extreme example to help you get my point in order to become wealthy: 

Many people write and request that I give them money.  Some have even expected $100,000 or more, others have asked me to support their families and churches.  They want me to work and support them on the merit that they asked for it and believe that a stranger should give it to them. This is laziness and arrogant as well.  But also ignorance so I can't get angry. 

What I tell them is that they can and should get the money they desire by their own work and faith efforts on the merit of Jesus Christ, and by His grace the way I have for many years.  I don't have the power or the grace to be a bank for others to make unlimited withdrawals from whenever they ask, but God does for those who know how to live within His wealth program.  I always tell these people that they are asking the wrong person to help them become wealthy. 

What Christians need for financial growth and assistance is to look to God for their resources in life, not others.  Especially not family or friends because borrowed money or financial support (gift money) can ruin relationships really fast.  Take their help if you must, but trust God for a better job to make regular payments and to pay them off completely or as agreed.   

Getting back to the subject of asking strangers for money, it's just plain silly and worse, it's unproductive for your financial growth. 

Who am I?  I don't have God's grace or power to give money in such a way that it will bring continual increase.  When I give someone money, that's it!  There's nothing more after it's gone.  This is the same for anyone else who gives out money.  That's all there is.  The opportunity to become wealthy from a handout are slim to nothing

But when I teach someone to receive their money from God through His financial system, I am able to give them a gift that never ends.  It is a gift that will cause financial prosperity to endure in their lives and continually grow.  It will also cause God's hand to move on their behalf for all the issues of life as they learn to trust Him.

So what is my point?

With your finances as well as all things in life you should look first to God for resolution.  If your first thought in a financial crises is to borrow from family and friends, you will always give into temptation.  But if you keep the attitude daily that you are financially prosperous already and have control over your money, you will find that you have less money problems.  More important you will not have a "beggar attitude."  You will instead believe that you are all sufficient in all things -- an attitude you must cultivate and will very easily if you desire to do so.     

Look to God and you will be doing your part to show the world a loving God of all possibility and creation.  He is the greatest provider and always will be.  And if you let Him, He can become your financial or wealth planner.  These difficult financial times don't have to cause you fear or doubt for your future.  Look to God first as the first source of income even above your employer or your business.  This is key!  See God blessing your work through your business or employer to prosper you financially.  This is the attitude that will keep you centered upon God instead of man to provide you needs and wants.  This is kingdom living!


You need to TAKE ACTION with God to become wealthy in a way that will guarantee your success to become wealthy now and forever!  So as you begin to act as if you are a success, that your debts are paid and money is continually increasing, you will change your thinking about who you are and what you have and can have.  This will change your financial circumstances to a "feast over famine" lifestyle instead of a life of complaining that you never have enough of anything.  

This is truly an exciting state of being because when something goes wrong you will know what to do instead of panicking with fear.   

If you would like to learn more about how to do this, I invite you to begin living the abundant life now. 

"Where do you begin to become wealthy with God?"  

"With His word."

Many people hire a professional wealth planner to help them grow rich.  The financial planner offers many services that all lead to a financial goal they help you set.  Of course this is very expensive.  

But what if you could have the ultimate wealth planner who has no other desire than to see that you prosper?  What if you could receive all the guidance you needed to grow your money for only a few dollars instead of a fortune?  And what if this planner would actually teach you how to claim the money you want when you need it instead of your having to pay someone monthly for their services?

You have all of the above and more at your disposal by making God your financial planner.  He will see to it that you have more than your needs met and that you are blessed through opportunities, specific investments and by revealing your life's work.  He will guide you to the right financial opportunities and the right people who may require a fee, but who will actually prosper you further instead of taking advantage of you and your money. 

I can't describe the excitement of working with God to become wealthy financially.  It's an experience that will never cause you to feel deprived.  You will never feel at the end of the month that you don't have enough money to pay all of your bills.  God will find a way to cover what you don't have once you learn how to work with Him -- and that's just the beginning.  As time progresses, your money will begin to increase and bring abundance. 


Because so many are suffering from financial difficulties at present, I've compiled a dynamic home study that will guide you into the life of your dreams.  As a Christian teacher and life coach, I have been teaching these principles since 1999 that worked for my family over thirty years ago.  And they are still in effect today because God's Word never changes.  

We were deeply in debt in the late seventies when times were difficult financially.  When we decided that I would stay home to take care of our children while my husband went to work, we realized that we would have to depend upon God for our finances and to get out of debt.  My family members believed that I was lazy and wasting my life because I didn't go to work as they did.  Although I never judged their decisions, they had definite opinions about mine.  

I loved my job as a stay at home mom, and I also loved the time I had to study the Bible and prove with my life that God will prosper and bless us.  However, when I learned about finances, I came to understand God's Wealth Plan, but not without difficulty.  I had so many questions and fears during that time because our debt was increasing and my husband had lost his job for a small period of time.  However, as I organized my debt and better understood my financial situation, I came to understand how to apply God's financial principles over my circumstances to become wealthy God's way without fear, but with faith instead. 

I will admit that it took awhile because I needed other sources of help.  My church at that time was not a based upon God's Word and therefore couldn't help me with the process of putting faith and prayer over my tithes.  As a result, it was necessary for me to locate and study information from various ministries that were "Word based."   In time I learned what to do and I put God's Wealth Plan into action.  When I did, I began to increase my finances by the end of that month.    

More exciting, as I continued to learn more about increasing my money, I discovered that God's Wealth Plan includes guiding us into our destinies or life work.  I created a lucrative home business which substantially increased our income, allowing me to remain at home with our children at the same time.  

My family had little to say about my progress as they watched us prosper, but they saw God at work even if they didn't want to believe it.  For reference, some of my family members believed that it was impossible to use faith for money and that the only way to become wealthy was by taking "ethical short-cuts" to get ahead in life.  Yes, they were Christians, but they didn't believe that the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Instead they believed that business is business and God is for Sundays only.  

Needless to say, I had documented everything I did so that I could help others who were having the same difficulties become wealthy God's way.  I was thankful that I did because that information has been immeasurable since I began as a Christian mentor and life coach.  I have helped many people look to God for their financial increase to become wealthy.  And I still apply these principles to my life.  

studyStudy Outline Summary:

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Why Become Wealthy God's Way?
  1. If you're a Christian you should want to follow Bible doctrine.
  2. God's way to wealthy living is the highest form of wealth that will always be honest, just, respectful and successful.
  3. It will keep you from following wealth schemes and scams that will cause you loss and failure.
Who Is Your Ultimate Provider?
  1. God is, of course, but you must even see Him as the provider and source of everything you receive, including your employment paycheck.  
Doing this will keep your faith high for living peacefully in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow as we're told to do in Matthew 6:25-34 that describes Kingdom living.

God will supply all of your needs and wants as you trust Him with your faith. 

What Does God's Wealth Plan Provide?

  1. The ability to believe you are financially prosperous before you see evidence.
  2. God as your ultimate wealth planner for guidance and success.
  3. Control over your money.
  4. Confidence that you are financially prosperous and will remain in that condition for the rest of your life.
  5. You can trust God for the money you need.
  6. You will learn God's perfect will for your life.


You need the crucial element of Jesus Christ in your finances to insure success.  He will guide you by the Holy Spirit.


But you have to take that first step.

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studyLast Study Step For Inner Growth:  You can always come back and take this study later

Step No. 3: Developing A Wealthy Mindset
This one element is the first step toward developing a wealthy mindset. It痴 an easy process that will open the door to your receiving the wealthy and prosperous life you deserve to become wealthy in every area of living.

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Study Step No. 1: Personal Finance
Whatever your personal finance situation, there is a wealth plan that will guide you out of debt and into financial increase for the rest of your life.


God's Wealth Plan Special Offer

God's financial plan is for you!  Take it to heart and it will bless your life in such a powerful way you will never be the same!  Never think that you can't live a life FREE of debt.  Financial wealth belongs to you!  See it as your right, and you've taken the first step.  So move forward with your life and your money with God and watch what He can do!  Trust God today the way I did and many others like me.  Go directly to my Wealth Plan Home Study, or take a "test drive" to get a basic understanding first. That study alone may be all that you need to become wealthy God's way.

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