Build Wealth God's Way For Real Estate Part II-

Build wealth God's way by using using Biblical principles for developing the God kind of faith.

Example Of Presumption Over Faith

Many people get confused when it comes to faith.  They presume they can have something just because they want it.  But that's not always going to work, especially when you're in debt or have little money.  Here is an example of presumption that should be helpful. 

A young woman I knew a few years back decided that she was going to purchase a home by faith.  Sadly, to this day she still does not have one.  In fact her financial affairs are in a worse state than they were a few years ago.  Her ability to become wealthy are practically zero unless her thinking and corresponding actions change. 

She decided to use faith to purchase a new home by first purchasing furniture she could not afford.  Sounds good, but she was buying on credit and she did not have room in her apartment for the furniture.  So she had to put it into storage.  

She had two evictions already from her past before she was married and she had created another after she decided she did not want to be married to her new (and second) husband any more.  She moved out on him one day while he was at work.  He could not make the rent payment without her salary because she had wanted an expensive apartment he could not afford on his salary. 

This young woman also had not been making their car payments in order to have more spending money so she was about to lose their cars.  I do not know if she blamed God for her not getting her home, but she did blame her young husband when nothing happened within her timing. 

She became discouraged and bitter because she thought she could use faith to believe that God would absolve her from her past debt and cause her to overcome the evictions she had created.

God does not work like that.  She should have first believed God for the money to pay off her back rent before she could move forward.  Then things would have worked for her.  But instead, she lost everything.  Her past evictions made it impossible for her to rent another apartment, so she is presently worse off than before she decided she wanted to purchase a home. 

This story is sad but true and quite an exaggeration from most people's situations, but I wanted to make clear the need for getting your life in order while you use faith for what you want - especially a home.  Take responsibility for your actions, so that you can help God help you.  Then you will be able to build wealth God's way.


Build Wealth God's Way By His Faith Principles

By building wealth God's way using his faith principles, you enable God to not only step in and help you, but speed up the process to cause the money you need to come to you through a variety of ways. 

For example, that young woman's husband overcame the eviction his wife caused by believing for favor with their apartment manager and got it out of his name.  He began working on his credit and believing for more money from his work.  He is doing quite well financially by building his wealth with faith and in peace.  His boss promoted him because each day he worked his job with an attitude of success in all that he did, no matter what the task.  He is now running part of the company with the ability to make commissions along with his salary.

Whatever your financial problems, God will heal them. If you want to purchase real estate but have financial obstacles, trust God to help you and then do your part to fix your bad credit or financial problems. 

You can also believe for the cash to purchase a home, but if you have never believed God for even a nickel, you may want to work up to it. 

Talk with a reputable lender to find out what you can qualify for and if you do not earn enough money begin to believe for a lump sum of money for a large down payment to help you qualify.  This money can come through a raise, a promotion, or even a new job.  God will bless you if you trust Him, so add positive actions to your faith and you will obtain your new home.

Okay, I know you are wondering how much time this will take.  It will take as long as it takes your faith to sufficiently develop to create what you want.  It took me about a year to have faith for our first home.  I was willing to take just about anything at that time because I wanted a home for our children, but we ended up with a beautiful home much sooner than I expected.  I just trusted God with the faith of a child and He gave me more than I thought possible at the time.   

In conclusion, make a list of all the reasons keeping you from getting your home, and tackle each by building wealth God's way using His faith principles over your circumstances.  That is what I did to get my first home and my second.  Remaining organized in your goal setting can be the difference between owning a home or giving your money to a rental company each month. 

Remember, with a home you have tax benefits, with an apartment you do not.  So if you want to build wealth God's way, consider home ownership.

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