Childs Saving and Tithing With The Reward Of Seventy Percent Spending

It's time for your childs saving and tithing to begin in order to form good money habits.  Now that you understand about how to help your kids earn and manage their money, you're ready to help your child make a special bank that will help them save for each of the four elements that will make up their money life experience.    


Teaching Your Child How To Make
and Use The 4-Part Bank

What you are going to need is a 4-part bank that gives your child four compartments to save, give, invest and spend, all a part of the 10/10/10/70 principle to help your child with money management for the rest of his or her life.  It will also impact their ability for financial success and wealth as an adult.  If you wish to purchase your 4-part bank you can go to Money Savvy 4-compartment Banks or see below for 3-compartment banks.

It's important that you involve your child in the process of making the bank, as it will give a feeling of involvement from the very beginning.  This is an easy system to use, and it will even work for adults.  The idea is to make your childs saving and tithing fun with the reward of 70% spending!  

Always keep your child encouraged by making sure that all monies get divided as soon as possible and put into the bank.  If you don't keep up with your child's desire to save money, they will probably lose interest as well.   Click here to begin making your child's bank for saving and tithing now.

God's Wealth Plan

   Your Childs Saving and Tithing

ve prepared a chart that shows exactly how this system works with an explanation of each category below it.  If you wish to use only 3 categories of savings with the 70% spending, that will work as well.  

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Building Your Child's Financial
and Moral Wealth

The 4-Part Bank System For Kid's Money
Management using the 10/10/10/70 Principle

spending and saving chart

Childs Saving and Tithing Explanation Of Each Section For Spending, Saving, Tithing and Giving:

  • SPENDING:  This money can be used to purchase whatever the child wants with the wisdom given by parents. Good spending habits will be learned.
  • SAVINGS:  Save this money.  When it overfills the bank, move the money to a larger bank or decide with your child whether to put it into an  interest bearing account. 
  • TITHING:  Take this out on Sundays to give at church. 
  • OFFERINGS:  Also called, investing in the Gospel, also goes into the offering plate at church with the tithes.  These are two important ways that can will financially bless your child's money to grow.    

kids need to understand tithes and offerings before they can be excited about giving them.


Teach your kids the difference between tithing and giving offerings along with the faith to make them grow. 

While it's important that you explain the importance of saving money to your child, you must also teach them about the importance of paying tithes and offerings to God. 

The will need to know the difference between the two and the importance of praying over each before they are given to God.  For more information about both, go to my tithes and offerings page.  You can use this as a reference for giving tithes yourself.  

You must do what you expect your children to do.  If you don't have much money, you can begin with whatever amount of money you have.  It needn't be an amount that will cause you to have difficulty paying your bills.  However, in time your money will increase as well.


Implementing your child's saving and tithing efforts into your life will be even more exciting because you will have something so important in common.  It will form a strong bond between you and your child or children concerning more than money growth, but your desire to serve God by giving Him the first fruits of your increase. It is a good idea to put the tithes into the bank first to keep the idea of "first-fruits" in their minds.


Purchasing a Kids Money Management Bank

If you wish to purchase a bank for your childs saving and tithing with 70% spending, you can also use a 3-part bank very easily.  Modify the system by putting the savings for tithes and offerings together.  Another way is to have a separate bank for savings. You will have to do this anyway with the 4-part bank for excess savings, so this will actually work quite well.  You can also purchase 4-part banks too.  See the cute and effective Money Savvy 4 Compartment Piggy and Cow Banks.

The most popular of these banks are shown below.  Click on the links for more information or click on my Paw Prints for the instruction page to make your own 3 or 4 compartment bank.

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Get Great Practical Advice From "Rich Dad Poor Dad For Kids"

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Many blessings in your work to teach your child or children how to be money smart and Kingdom rich as they learn how to give to God first and claim their blessings.  For extra help teaching your child good money management skills and habits, here's a great read.  

Rich Dad Poor Dad iconRich Dad Poor Dad:  by Robert T. Kiyosaki.  Find out what the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!  It's important that you learn all you can about money because you can't teach what you don't know!  Busy driving to and from work?  

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Work together with your parents.  It just takes a little time to organize your money and to make it grow.  
This type of bank just isn't good enough for the Wealth Plan 4 Kids Program. But it will work well as a bank to hold your excess savings.  Go to Child's Savings and Tithing to learn more about the type of bank that will change how your kids thinks about money.