Debt and The Bible

Regarding debt and the Bible, it is a subject not talked about by many Christians except to say that Christians should not be in debt.  According to Deuteronomy 28:12 we are told that "...we shall lend to many nations and we shall not borrow." The complete verse is filled with blessings, promising that all the work of our hands will be blessed.  In fact that whole chapter from verses 1 to 13 gives us a plethora of blessings that belong to us if we commit to following God's Word.

Old Testament Blessings Of Obedience

Deuteronomy 28:1-13 is a great testimony for what God wants for His children. He is generous and indulgent, but He doesn't want us to fall short of living a life of integrity and Christian values.  So His blessings as well as His requirements to receive them are clearly stated in these verses.

Reading through each verse we learn that we should be blessed wherever we go. Everything we touch should be blessed and our storehouses should be overflowing. Today our storehouses are banks or wherever we store our money.  

Verse 11 of Deuteronomy 28 says that we should be rich in cattle. Today that would be an abundance of what we need, financial opportunities or flourishing businesses.  It really covers anything that brings financial increase, although at that time, many cattle represented great wealth and provision for daily consumption and for business.

These blessings are called the blessings of obedience and they are a promise to God's people at that time that if they obeyed God's laws and did as He commanded, they would fully live these blessings. However, Deuteronomy 28:15-68 explains the curse of not obeying God's commandments or His Word.  There are so many curses I'll let you read them.   

Today most Christians aren't living the blessings mentioned in Deuteronomy, but instead the curses.  They might argue that we have a New Testament Dispensation or covenant, and therefore, these blessings and curses are irrelevant.  But in this study you're going to learn that these promises do belong to you and why.  You're also going to learn how to live them through the reality of Kingdom Living.  

If you're experiencing a mountain of debt, my Debt and The Bible Series will help you understand why your situation may not be changing, but getting worse.  Perhaps you've said the prayer of faith, you've confessed that the mountain of debt is gone from your circumstances, yet you are still drowning in a sea of bills, sweat and tears. What is wrong?  Why is this happening?...
....Debt and the Bible will address those issues to help you live the Promises of Obedience that belong to every Christian.

Debt and The Bible Articles

Check back for more articles.  This section will always be growing to help give you  a better understanding of what the Bible says about debt and how you can get to a place of abiding by God's Word to be debt free.   

Debt and The Bible Articles 

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