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Think wealthy thoughts to develop a wealthy mind.  Most people believe they have no control over their circumstances, but that couldn't be farther from the truth!  You can choose which way you want to go.
Wealthy Thoughts Change

Got A Wealthy Appitite?  Take God's Faith Food! 

If you are in debt or experiencing a lack of money, it's time you create a wealthy mind. As you look at ways to increase your money while practicing God's faith principles, you'll begin to see your money increasing before you have physical evidence.  This is faith in action helping you to develop the right kind of thinking for the money you have asked God for in prayer or have set a goal to achieve.

Wealthy thoughts come before wealth and abundance.  For example if you want more money but you see yourself as poor, chances are good you will remain in that state. You can't be double-minded about anything and expect change.  

You must see yourself as financially wealthy NOW and act upon that mindset. This is how you create wealthy thoughts that produce results.  You must also stick with only one belief system rather than combining opposing ideas that cancel each other out to create a void in your faith. 

This is why we should practice wealthy thinking daily because we can become complacent about money and allow our minds to slip back to where they were.  This will cause you confusion as you compare what you have recently learned with the bad habits that are easy to slip into.  It will also keep you from slipping into wrong thinking.

Wealthy Thoughts Are Clear Thoughts

Here's a true story that I believe will help get this point across clearly. I help my husband with his real estate business.  In January of 2008 we prayed with a couple that their home would sell at a certain price. They ended the prayer in the name of Jesus and then said they would keep their thoughts positive with the universe. This obvious contradiction caught me off guard.

You can't believe in Jesus Christ and put faith in the Universe at the same time and not be confused. 

Immediately thereafter, this couple had a flock of buyers at their door. So what did they do? Well, it's hard to believe, but they raised the price of the house substantially, revoking the prayer by claiming the law of attraction according to a principle that made little sense.  They believed that since their prayer had attracted the buyers they had asked God for, the law of attraction would give them more money than they had originally asked for their home. 

I told them they were making a mistake and later my husband told them the same thing.  However, they raised the price anyway.  Needless to say they stopped getting buyers and then wondered what was wrong.    

I fully believe that as a result of their double-minded thinking, they did not sell their home because it put them in a state of greed. 

Greed makes people do stupid things and it causes them to make unreasonable decisions.   It's also a destructive force against faith.  As they slowly lowered the price of their home, the market continued to decline, proving they had made the wrong decision.  Their home could have been sold at a higher price.

My husband Jim felt badly that he had prayed with these people after a careful discussion of what we were all going to pray about.  Using the prayer of agreement, we all had to be of like mind.  When my husband prays, he prays to get results!  We had all agreed upon a specific dollar amount they would receive or greater.  However, the sales price of the house was to remain the same or be lowered if the market continued to decline.

My husband prayed for guidance and an opportunity to get the house priced correctly.  That blessing came in a way that blessed many.

Jim had other clients who had developed a strong case of  first time buyer remorse after they had purchased a home.  They said they had decided not to move and to remain in their apartment because they felt uncomfortable with a mortgage payment.  So they dropped out of their escrow. So Jim had buyers without a home and sellers who couldn't sell theirs.  He remained thankful even though he had lost a sale.  We both believed something better would happen in both situations.  

Jim waited for the right time and then called the young couple and asked them to look at the house the other couple owned because he believed it was perfect for them.   

When they walked into the home, they fell in love with it.  They bought it on the spot because the young woman said it was just like her grandmother's home and she loved the feeling it gave her.  We just spoke with them and to this day they are still in love with that house!

My husband worked the price of the home to make the owners happy and the young couple satisfied with their mortgage payment.  So, everyone was happy and we made money for the sale and the purchase of the home. 

Why did this work out so well for all?  When we trust in God and do things His way, everyone wins.  And if you noticed, just because this situation began with a mistake, it didn't mean God couldn't change the situation.  He'll fix anything and make it better.  It also makes no difference to God if the economy is poor or great.  He can do anything by our faith.

So keep your thoughts clear with God's thoughts.  This way you'll always have wealthy thoughts!

Think About How You Plan To Take An Active Interest In Your Financial Growth

Even if you have little or no money, if you plan to perpetuate and increase it with a list of investment ideas you'll be building wealthy thoughts that will instill the attitude that you are financially wealthy right now and for the rest of your life. This is faith in action and a necessary part of wealth building.

The more you think wealthy thoughts, the easier it will become for you to receive money, opportunity, and abundance.

Spend time seeing yourself with property, emergency money in the bank, savings, Cd's that keep rolling over and a growing Ira account that will yield you a good retirement. By doing this, you'll feel the peace of having financial abundance. This very act will change your life by taking you out of worry and give you God's possibility for financial increase.


It's important to always think growth when you think about your money. Stop seeing money as a disappearing act.

Another important fact is to always educate yourself before you actually invest your money. General savings isn't a risk, but many investments can be if you don't have knowledge of what you're doing.  Today one of the best investments is real estate in some areas because of the declining property values.   

However you need to learn simple ways in which to start saving your money now, even if you have little.  Visit Saving Money Makes Cents! to help you save in a variety of smart ways.

Learn What Types Of Savings Accounts Are Available To You

Pig Liquid Savings Account: You don't need a savings account to create wealthy thoughts, but you can use it to give you the mind-set of having control over your financial situation. Even if you only save a few dollars a month, you'll be creating the idea of wealth by taking action or a faith step toward wealthy thinking.

If you don't have an account and have planned on opening one in the future, you can easily create one today. Look for a low-minimum account with the highest interest yield. And remember, it doesn't matter how much you save. Even if you were only able to save $10.00 a month I realize that's not a barrel of money, but it's not the dollar amount that's important, but the wealthy thoughts you need to create.

wheel barrow with moneyHowever, if you use faith over your money and increase the amount and the frequency of your deposits, you might have enough money for perhaps a CD that will yield a larger return.

Should you not be ready to open a general savings account just yet or have no interest, you may wish to consider a CD account.

CD Account: A CD or certificate of deposit pays higher yields than liquid savings accounts, but to earn that, you need to let someone else hold your money for a specific period of time. To learn more, click on the following links: CD's (certificates of deposit) Explained &
CD And Investment Calculators

Personal Savings For The Unexpected: Are you prepared for an emergency financially? This is an important part of building wealth. Proverbs 30:24-25 states, "Four things on earth are small yet they are extremely wise. Ants are creatures of little strength yet they store up their food in the summer."

This principle found in Proverbs reflects why CFR Ministry offers Emergency Fund information and assistance. This is a great wealth resource to think about.

Most financial planners would recommend that you save a minimum of 3 months of living expenses. Establishing an emergency savings fund will give you assurance your assets are covered in case of emergency. You can click on the link below to view their application for keeping such a savings account readily available in a low risk fund.

However, keep in mind that if you don't have such a fund, God will come through for you if you keep wealthy thoughts or high-minded thoughts of trusting in Him.

You can also create an account easily on your own with a CD or IRA or another such account, but be sure to make it somewhat difficult to get into to keep from using it for non-emergency spending.

Create A Retirement Plan: If your finances are in order or you would like to begin making a good plan for the extra money you have or expect to have in the future and would like some good practical sense about saving for retirement, the book entitled Antology, by Dr. O.S. Hawkins will give you great wisdom.

What on earth is "antology" and what does it have to do with the issue of retirement? Solomon addressed this subject in a unique way when he challenged us to go to the ant ... consider her ways and be wise. (Proverbs 6:6-8). The ant "stores" her provisions in the summer and "gathers" her provisions in harvest for a very important reason. Winter is coming! King Solomon reminds us that much can be learned from studying the ant as it particularly applies to our own winter season of life. Antology, by Dr. O. S. Hawkins Antology, by Dr. O. S. Hawkins

Money Market Account: Money markets offer many of the same benefits as certificates of deposit (cds) with the added features of a checking account. Technically speaking, a money market is more or less a mutual fund that attempts to keep its share price at a constant $1.

Professional money managers will take the funds deposited in the money market and invest them in government t-bills, savings bonds, certificates of deposit, and other safe and conservative financial instruments. This income is then paid out to the owners of the money market.

For more on this article by investment expert Joshua Kennon, click here: Money Market

What Is An IRA?: There are many different types of accounts within the world of IRAs, depending on the financial goals and situations of each individual, though traditional and Roth IRAs are the most common choices.

Learn about IRAs and how they work to reduce your total tax liability.

Wealthy Thoughts For Real Estate Investing!

Wealthy Thoughts - New HouseHome Ownership: If you want to make money without great risk, real estate is one of the soundest investments one can make, not to mention the benefits involved.

Beyond the living aspects of having a comfortable and attractive place to live, it provides a needed tax deduction sorely needed against earned income and the growth of home equity.

There are also many income and tax benefits available when purchasing property for rental or resale purposes. The profits are there for the taking, but only after careful investigation and discussion with a local real estate agent you can trust.

Wealthy thoughts include wisdom, so never rush into any investment. If you lose out on one, something better will come to you.  Also take your time to find a good real estate agent or representative depending upon your state or country.

Home and Land Ownership

Land Owner - Wealthy Thoughts Becoming a land owner as well opens options of investment that can pay great dividends for future wealth.

Speculating on inexpensive land purchases in areas where you believe future growth will exist is a good consideration over savings alone. The yield is much greater and will benefit you not only for future financial growth, but as a means of channeling real estate profits to other areas of investment.

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